I hope that Asking Grandad will be a useful resource for local history and World War II topics.   As I was creating the story it was fascinating listening to children’s thoughts and understandings about the Bath Blitz.  I would love to come and share my interest in this period or to just chat about my inspirations for the story and how I wrote the book .

My daughters are in year 8 and year 5 and I have always loved going into their school and helping with activities (I have even been known to dress up as an ancient Greek).  I have also had experience with children, youth and SEN in a voluntary capacity and have an up-to-date DBS.  If you would like to discuss some ideas please do get in touch.

Here are some quotes from recent visits:

“Dinah’s energy inspired the children and her enthusiasm was infectious.” Mr Snook, Western All Saints Primary School

“Thank you so much for your visit yesterday.  The children really enjoyed it – it was really informative and they really did enjoy the air raid practice!”  Mrs Hastings, St Mary’s Catholic School.

“The children are still buzzing about your visit which has been a great start to our topic. Thank you so much.”  Mrs Ledbury, Western All Saints Primary School

“Today the children were thrilled to see your thank you letter displayed on the IWB when they came into school. They had a brilliant time with you and have been quoting facts you told them all week.”  Dr Emmett, Bathford Primary School

Signing at Bathford Jpeg

Here are some amazing pieces of work from some Year 5′s  …

Extracts of Diary Entries from Grandad’s perspective

Dear diary,

Today I felt like I was sinking on the Titanic. Toni showed me the magnificent plane she’d made and in a split second, I felt traumatised. I stopped. I knew I was dwelling in my memories. My hands shook and suddenly my heart felt hollow. I swallowed.

As Toni walked away, I stared at the floor. It felt like I couldn’t breathe, like someone was holding a sword to my throat. My head was spinning. I could hear my mum crying and the bombs making loud explosions. I was very tearful. I could see my brother opening the door and almost dying. I could feel the pain in my leg once again.

Dear diary,

Today I felt like a broken toy. Toni showed me the Spitfire she had made and in a split second (maybe even less) I was petrified. I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say.

Suddenly, I went back to the time when Bath got bombed. It was horrible.  Me, my mum, Roger (my brother) and my dad heard a bomb hit Bath. We looked out of the windows. Dad sprinted outside to help. The bombs got nearer and nearer, we ran to the bomb shelter, still the bombs got nearer. Boom! Boom! Boom!

Extract from Diary Entry from Toni’s perspective

Dear diary,

Today I was astonished. I made this plane today, it was a real beauty so I decided to show Grandad. The plane was a Spitfire because Spitfires are the best. I was hoping Grandad would like the plane so much but I guess I got my hopes up too quickly.

Grandad just simply smiled…I wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. He was acting like he didn’t care! I don’t know what I should do. Should I go back and ask why he didn’t like it or just simply let it go?